Live Performances and Speaking Presentations

Let "Ms. Maria" come perform for your group of children. She'll entertain with upbeat music, puppets, games, Little Ci Ci, and more!

"Ms. Maria" Performs Live!

"Ms. Maria"  will perform live and interact with the audience as she entertains with upbeat music, puppets, games, Little Ci Ci, and more! Whether at a birthday party, day care performance, school performance, or special convention, Ms. Maria knows what it takes to put on a fun, interactive, entertaining show for both kids and families alike. Call now to book a performance. 

          Contact Ms. Maria for prices via email or telephone.


          Telephone: 817-773-1130

Key Benefits

  • Educational
  • Entertaining
  • Interactive and affordable!

For more information or to book a performance, email:

Speaking Presentations/ Educational Workshops

Maria Smith also presents educational workshops and presentations for daycare providers, organizations, schools, and educators. Topics include (but are not limited to) curriculum ideas and themes, parent involvement, motivating children to learn, and how to prepare your preschoolers for Kindergarten.  Topics are limitless and individually customized. Call or email for a booking and/or price quote.

Presentation Topics Include But Not Limited To:

1.        Homework Help- Tips/Advice to Assist Parents With Their Children’s Homework

2.        Multisensory Learning

3.        How to Prepare Your Children For Kindergarten- Helpful Tips and Creative Educational Ideas/Activities on a Budget

4.        How to Teach Letters and Numbers in a Fun Way Incorporating Music

5.        Connections Across the Curriculum-  Thematic Units

6.        Fostering Positive Parent/Teacher Relationships

7.        Multiple Intelligences- Tapping the Strengths of Our Children

8.        Creative Writing Ideas For the Classroom

9.        How to Teach Your Child Organizational Skills

10.     Raising Responsible Children

11.      Building Character in the Home

12.     The Power of Music

13.     The Well Disciplined Classroom  

14. Emotional Intelligence

 Telephone to schedule a presentation at 817-773-1130 or


Below is a variety of some pictures and some video from some of my shows.  I even entertain Seniors with music of yesteryear.  I don’t have pictures of those; however,  if you would like for me to perform for your Senior center or event, please email me or call me.  I have many references.



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