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Cool School With Ms. Maria has been featured on UPN 21's Positively Texas and CBS 11's Early Morning Show, Fort Worth CCT station 32 (Community Cable Television), The Crowley Star ReviewThe Fort Worth Star TelegramBurleson*Crowley*Cleburne Upclose, and in The Fort Worth Business Press.

Here's what others are saying about Cool School With Ms. Maria:


"What a joy you bring to boys and girls, Ms. Maria.  Your upbeat music and fun songs keep the children asking for more!!  Come back and see us!" Linda Bradberry-Children's Librarian- Palestine Public Library- Palestine, TX 

“I heard you speak at a MOPS meeting. I actually won the door prize drawing and chose your Mexico CD. My girls LOVE it! They are 5 and 7 and really like learning Spanish.  My two-year old son also enjoys it. Every time my neighbor’s daughter rides in our van, she asks for ‘Ms. Maria songs.’” DeAndra Jarboe- Mother of three- Saginaw, TX

“ Both my kids liked learning about Mexico.  My five year old learns a little Spanish in kindergarten, so it was fun to hear him know the Spanish words.  My daughter said, 'Ms. Maria is so smart!’”  Kellie Harshbarger- Garland Early Childhood PTA

“Your CD is very good. Let me say that the songs sound very good, you have a nice voice and the songs are fun and have a good beat.” Dan Sheffield Help Me 2 Learn Company and Act-4 Media

“Thanks for the CD! I played Safari! Safari! from it last night. Have fun and good luck!” Jeff Brown Co-Program Director KTOO-FM 360 Egan Drive Juneau, AK 99801

“We loved listening to your CD to and from Austin. Caroline immediately asked if we could get a CD for our little friend, Mary Katherine.” Annie Sovic, Arlington mother of two

“We love to dance to your CD. Daddy says he is going to video us dancing to your music and send it to you.” Anna Maria and Emma Roberto Ages 4 and 5, Chicago, IL

“The kids enjoyed your program.  They were singing Cool School With Ms. Maria over and over and over.” After School Teacher- Haltom City Children’s Courtyard- Fort Worth, TX  

“The kids have been so excited knowing you were coming.  You have a great approach to introducing Spanish to children of younger ages." Tamara Bush, Pre-school Teacher- Training Depot- Crowley, TX

“Maria, Great stuff! This is really a wonderful teaching concept for children. This is an exciting way for children to learn.  It's entertainment, teaching and learning all rolled into one." Larry Shannon, president of First Strategy Corporation and a partner in The Wilson Shannon Company a radio-TV-movie productions company with offices in Hollywood and Texas.   

“Maria, Thank you so much for speaking to our group. Your program had some information we had never seen before.  We loved your energy!" Kellie Harshbarger- Garland Early Childhood PTA  

“It is so wonderful to hear practical, helpful tips that we can take home and employ today, even on the way home! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm with us." Tonya Bodusek- Grapevine MOPS  

“The program was awesome!  My kids still sing Cool School With Ms. Maria all the time.  We love listening to the CDs  Thanks!!!!" Patty Freeman- Freeman Daycare- The Colony, TX

“Ms. Maria- You did a great job of keeping our classes of 4 and 5 year olds entertained.  It was a lot of fun, and as a teacher, I was very entertained along with the children!  Great job!" Meredith Jones- Teacher- Primrose School- Coppell, TX 

“Ms. Maria is fantastic!  The kids and parents love her energetic fun-loving and learning performance!  They learn Spanish and have fun doing it!  Ms. Maria- you are the greatest!" Sylvia Parker- Librarian- Summerglen Library- Fort Worth, TX

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